Web Analysis

Optimizing insight and ROI

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Understanding webtraffic

Web analytics is the center of every digital marketing project. To measure is to know … and to analyze your website is to procure valuable information that will increase your website’s performance. A thorough analysis is, therefore, crucial.

The benefits of web analytics

What are the qualities of web analytics?

  • Gather objective information concerning webtraffic, behavior and conversion patterns of browsers
  • Deliver an insight in the success of online marketing campaigns
  • Discover conversion patterns of webvisitors 
  • Adjust online campaigns and take action to achieve your website’s commercial goals

Transparent and thorough analysis

Interpreting data, altering your online approach or strategy in light of web analyses, is the real deal. Only then will you be able to optimize your website successfully. Yet, the work doesn’t stop there. Analyzing and optimizing your website is an ongoing process that needs constant monitoring, measuring and re-adjusting. Queromedia can not only help you install your web analytics program, we can also help you interpret the data. You decide how many webreports you want.

Measuring visitors and processes

Website analysis tools allow you to configure settings so as to map certain decision making processes of your visitors, such as purchasing, subscribing or asking for information. These processes give you insight into conversion rates, making it easier for you to discover which steps of the process are problematic for certain visitors. Bearing all that in mind you can then start optimizing your website. It’s clear that web analytics offers clear-cut answers to concrete questions that can drastically change your website’s performance.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analysis tool by Google. Installing Google Analytics we can monitor your webtraffic, view the amount of visitors, the preferred webpages, their geograpical background, etc. Apart from that we can track what content is doing well and collect conversion data. In other words: Google Analytics is the perfect tool to measure the impact of your online marketing decisions.

Web Analysis