Longterm visibility for Selor

As job applicants increasingly turn to the internet to look for jobs it has become essential for Selor, Belgian government’s recruiting agency, to be easily found by the right people. This is especially important for jobs that are on the shortage occupation list.

SEO and SEA for government jobs

Attracting non-branded visitors! People that didn’t think the government could be their employer.

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More job applications thanks to Google AdWords

The main reason Selor decided to work with Queromedia is to attract non-branded visitors. When people go job hunting on the web, it’s important that Selor pops up, sooner rather than later. That’s why Queromedia initially started an SEA campaign that led to thousands of conversions, skyrocketing site registrations and job applications. 

Landing pages for every job category

In order to score on Google’s organic results pages Queromedia also launched a thorough SEO campaign, providing landing pages for all the different job categories. The immediate result? Non-branded search volume boosted like never before. 

Skills: Google Adwords @en, SEO @en, Strategy, Webanalytics @en