Bpost bank

Digital solutions since 2010!

Every year bpost bank – Belgium’s postal services – puts dozens of products on display, with the help of Queromedia. In March 2010 Queromedia started a non-branded Search Engine Advertising campaign, highlighting all kinds of bpost’s products, which resulted in topranks accross Google’s platforms.

Google AdWords at a high level

Accurately picking the right keywords, it’s a delicate balance but one that achieves great results: higher search volume, more conversions and great conversion rates.

Our challenge in this project: keeping CPC at a constant low

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Changing strategy on the fly

Supporting all of bposts promotional actions, Queromedia has to stay at the top of its game, adjusting internet marketing strategies as new features are introduced. So far we’ve always had Google on our side, achieving great search results for every campaign. Regular meetings with the client, which are used to review and fine-tune our efforts, are at the basis of this success. It’s the qualities that really make the Queromedia team shine: a hands-on approach and a lasting engagement. 

About bpost bank

bpost-tot-2021A joint-venture between bpost and BNP Paribas Fortis, bpost bank has acquired a unique position in the banking world. Accessibility is one of the company’s main focuses, not in the least in the numerous local postal offices.  Since its inception in 1995 bpost has served 1.1 million customers who chose bpost for a wide-ranging array of products: accounts and credit cards, investments, mortgages, insurance and retirement plans.

Skills: Google Adwords @en, Strategy, Webanalytics @en