Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Our Google Adwords certified professionals have a steady aim

Everyday millions of people around the world use search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing to give them quick access to products, services, information and entertainment they want or need. Type in a query in the box and the results immediately present themselves, the most relevant ones at the top of the page.

What is SEA?

Apart from organic search results Google also lists sponsored links in sidebars and at the top of the page. When you make use of our Search Engine Advertising (SEA) skills our experts will make sure your company and products regularly pop up. The best part is you pay per click!

SEA Technique

SEA is all about well-aimed marketing campaigns. Imagine being able to speak to potential customers at the very moment they’re looking for your product or service. Impossible, you say? Thanks to high-precision Search Engine Advertising you will reach those prospecting customers in no time!

SEA Copywriting

Online ads require a different approach as opposed to print ads. Certain formal and content requirements need to be met to be successful online. Our experienced SEA copywriters know just what to do to maximize click ratio and ROI.

The benefits of SEA?

Do you want to boost webtraffic efficiently? Are you looking for new customers? SEA allows you to directly communicate with your audience and achieve results instantly. Furthermore, all your campaigns are closely monitored and changes can be made on the spot.

Real-time adjustments

Its hands-on and result-driven approach is one of SEA’s biggest assets. A pay-per-click campaign offers the flexibility you need: create ads for all the keywords you want, set demographical and geographical parameters, advertise on partnersites or search engines and track your results per ad, keyword or product group, all the while adjusting your ad strategy in real-time.

How we handle SEA?

SEA Project Management

Our SEA professionals will gladly help setting up the right campaign strategy for you. Their tasks include determining realistic goals, creating campaigns and ad groups, performing keyword research and optimizing your monthly budget. Your advertising efforts should always clearly mirror conversion rates, i.e. measurable results such as orders and tenders. Expect to remain up-to-speed thanks to our exhaustive online reporting system that automatically notifies you when set goals are accomplished.

SEA Consultancy

Suppose you don’t want to outsource your SEA project completely, then you can opt for Queromedia’s SEA consultancy project. It includes a thorough audit of all SEA related activities and ongoing online advertising campaigns, as well as a strategy proposal. Don’t worry though, our SEA experts will guide you every step of the way.