What’s the difference between SEO and SEA?

An internet user who performs a search in Google typically receives two types of results: organic or natural results, at the left handside of the page, and pay-per-click advertisements or sponsored links, at the top and the right handside of the page.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) increases your website’s visibility in organic result lists. Getting a high rank in Google depend on two things: authority and copywriting. Search engines measure authority by means of incoming links of external websites. In other words, your page-rank, to a great extent, is determined by other websites. Of course, the copy you put on your website has to be relevant to users and search engines alike.

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SEA (Search Engine Advertising) increases webtraffic to your site through digital advertising. In order to boost click through rates advertising campaigns should be focused, balanced and written for specific keywords that apply to your target audience. How much money you spend on Google Ads is entirely up to you.

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