Intent marketing strategy

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Building blocks for a solid digital strategy

Intent marketing is all about being relevant. We at Queromedia believe every query deserves an answer. It’s our job to guide potential customers to your website by serving delicious hot content on a silver platter. Our aim? Happy customers and eager search engines!

Concept & Technology

Intent marketing is a concept and technology, developed by Queromedia, that enables our clients to be more relevant on a large scale.

Addressing queries with pinpoint accuracy and providing relevant content are the goals we set out for ourselves and your business.

This strategy is much-appreciated by our clients, our clients’ clients and by the search engines!

Aspects of intent

Our keen-eyed intent marketeers are professionals in the true sense of the word. Setting out to catch your customers’ intents they create and/or optimize web pages that have true meaning and value for each and everyone of them.


Impact of intent marketing

After analyzing your activities our consultants determine an intent marketing strategy. The goal is to provide answers to all of your web visitors’ queries, increasing overall web traffic, conversion rates and, ultimately, sales numbers.