Measurable results

KPI’s that achieve goals

Your website attracts thousands of visitors each month? Great, but what’s the effect of these impressive numbers on your turnover? In other words: what are the tangible results of your digital strategy? Generating web traffic alone doesn’t suffice, what you want is buyers. So how do you transform your website visitors into buying customers? Start with a thorough analysis of your website.

to measure = to know

All consultants at Queromedia are Google Analytics’ certified. It’s a matter of quality from start to finish.

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Web Analytics

A thorough analysis of your website provides useful information that can be used to your advantage. Web Analytics is the alpha and omega of any search marketing project, granting you access to lots of valuable information about website traffic, conversion patterns and behavior of visitors. Alternatively it allows realtime monitoring of your online marketing strategy so you can fine-tune and adjust whenever necessary.

Conversion Analytics

So you’ve managed to attract visitors to your website who are interested in buying? It doesn’t end there, does it? Quite the opposite, it’s just the start! Turning interested visitors into buying customers, that is the fundamental goal of conversion optimization. In order for you to establish as many conversions as possible, an investigation is required. That’s why for each project we closely monitor conversion rates, making sure they keep going up.