What is content marketing?

kwaliteitsvolle content

Viral and accessible quality content

Content marketing in a nutshell? It’s the art of providing valuable content tailored for a specific target group. It’s proven to be a very efficient marketing technique that serves multiple purposes: informing customers so as to retain good relations, increasing revenue, generating leads, building brand equity, topping the market in your segment, etc.


Content marketing is all about relevance. Questions to ask oneself before starting a content marketing campaign: ‘How valuable is the content?’, ‘Will I get my message accross to the targeted audience?’, ‘How relevant is my content for a specific target group?’ Content marketing is a real game changer, as long as the message you’re trying to convey is truly relevant!

Different goals

More companies are walking the path of content marketing. Rightly os, because content marketing allows companies to achieve multiple goals: lead generation, brand awareness, customer loyalty, thought leadership, customer acquisition,… It’s all possible with the appropriate content marketing strategy.