Performance based marketing campaigns

Websites cost money, so publishers are always looking for advertisers. If you participate in affiliate marketing, your ads will appear on certain websites within a broad network. The big advantage: you only pay per lead or transaction.

A smart strategy enhances your reputation and leads to new customers. Return on investment guaranteed.

We assist clients in performance campaigns

QueroMedia manages your affiliate marketing and assists you in the process. All the while keeping your other marketing channels in mind, of course!

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What is affiliate marketing?

It goes without saying that you want to attract more visitors to your website. But your ultimate goal is to generate more conversions and therefore more revenue, right? Affiliate marketing allows you to target your advertising directly to your preferred consumer, always with an eye on achieving conversions.

Affiliate marketing optimizes your online marketing strategy, as you only pay per conversion. If your ad is not clicked on, generates no page views or does not result in a transaction, you don’t pay a dime. The affiliates are your partners: they want your ads to deliver as much as you do!

What’s the Queromedia approach for affiliate marketing?

While it is easy to become a member of an affiliate network, that in itself does not warrant success. The trick is to publish the right ads at the right price on the right websites. Additionally, good follow-up is crucial for a cost-effective campaign.

Queromedia has the expertise to develop an efficient marketing strategy together with you. We take care of managing your affiliate marketing campaign. We take care of cooperating with affiliate networks such as TradeTracker, Zanox and TradeDoubler and create a targeted campaign for your business. We monitor how effective the campaign is and keep you informed of the results. In short, you can count on us to manage your entire affiliate marketing process smoothly.

Affiliate marketing in the mix!

You can only spend your marketing budget once. That’s why it’s important to start your campaign with a thorough analysis of the different channels at your disposal. Setting the right priorities increases the likelihood of great results. Queromedia will gladly assist you in your evaluation of affiliate marketing as part of a wider strategy including SEO, SEA, social media, content marketing and email marketing. Get your online marketing strategy mix right and watch your campaigns boost your business.