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online marketing but different

Online marketing from a different point of view: intent driven!

A balanced, intent driven combination of concept & technology, a talented team and an unwavering focus on digital marketing have granted us a unique position among marketing professionals. What really gets us going, though, is the respect we get from our clients.

Realizing your full-potential with digital marketing!

Within the broad field of marketing, digital is what it’s all about, experts agree.

The big challenge is to stay at the top your game, even when the digital world around your is ever-changing. It’s the only way to achieve the best results!

Our marketing passions:

Intent based digital strategy

You don’t build a house on quicksand, do you? Your digital strategy requires solid grounds, too. How to begin? By determining your exact aims and targets.

Your digital strategy is the compass guiding you as you make your way through the exciting world of digital marketing. It’s a great tool that deserves your full attention!

How to start a balanced digital strategy?

Search marketing

Enthralling Google, that’s, in essence, what search engine marketing is about. But how do you achieve that? By forcing Google to look in your direction!

Everyday millions of people around the world use search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing to gain quick access to products, services, information and entertainment. Smart as they are, however, these search engines only show what really matters to the user, whether it’s an advertisement or an ‘organic result’.

And what about SEO and SEA?

Content Marketing

Content marketing is hot! Providing internet users with valuable and relevant content, tailored to their specific needs, is what it’s all about! These days, every company should be a publlisher! Why? Because great content has the power to charm and inform audiences, making them want to come back for more, over and over again. The result for your webpage? Conversion rates going through the roof!

“What’s in it for me?” Whether you like it or not, that’s the only major concern your customer has upon entering your site. So make sure the answer to the question is clear!

How does content marketing work?

Social media marketing

Companies have finally found their way to the social media. Rightly so! It’s a place to share content, increase brand recognition and attract more customers.

Beyond the safe borders of search engines there lie vast new territories waiting to be explored. Will your company claim that space?

How to make sense of social media?

Creative & Technology

“Holy sh*t!” That’s the reaction we want to hear when customers visit your website for the very first time. Attractiveness and usability are essential but they are merely a starting point. Creating the best website in the business, that’s our goal!

Easier said than done, right? So where to start? We’ll tell you! By combining state-of-the-art webdesigning skills, first-class PR and a set of trustworthy technological features that captivate internet users and search engines alike!

Technology (both in-house and open-source) is our tool to get great results fast!

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Web & Conversion Analytics

Your website attracts thousands of visitors each month? Great … Now what? Only when your visitors are driving conversion rates through the roof can you speak of true success.

Attracting people to your website alone isn’t enough, you’ll want them to increase sales! So how do you get them to do so? A thorough review of your website is in order!

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