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The team, that’s what counts!

Founded in 1999 in Kontich, Belgium, Queromedia is an online communications agency with a unique intent-based vision on marketing. Add to that a constant focus on quality of communication and staff, we make a difference time and time again!

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. (Michael Jordan)

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Portrait of Tom Bogaert, Managing Partner Queromedia

Tom Bogaert

Managing Partner

Tom sees the bigger picture, overlooking the future of digital marketing. A strong combination of IT and business skills Tom is the perfect liaison between marketing and informatics. In short: the man is passionate about digital media! Tom’s in charge of sales and the marketing department. He and his brother Geert determine the general course of Queromedia.


Portrait of Geert Bogaert, Managing Partner Queromedia

Geert Bogaert

Managing Partner

Passionate about digital marketing, Geert was one of the founding fathers of Queromedia. As a master in KPI’s Geert today is the operations manager and also responsible for finances at Queromedia.

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