Bill Gates over Google

In een interview met Computing heeft Microsoft baas Bill Gates het over de concurrentie van MSN Search met Google. Alhoewel hij respect toont voor Google kan hij het blijkbaar toch niet laten enkele opmerkingen te formuleren. Enkele voorbeelden:

Google is great, they are smart people, the press should continue to feed their arrogance as much as possible

Which Google products are you talking about? Seriously? Other than search, which are you talking about? Google Talk? Wow. A total "me too" product. Even Gmail " what is the unique thing?

The number of times people have written our death warrant " every four or five years. Now they have a new person´s name on it: it was Netscape, it was Novell, it was IBM, it was Ashton Tate, it was Lotus. There have been many names. The old saying is " tell me where I am going to die, so I will be sure not to go there

Lees het interview

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